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Fluency in one or more of these languages: Golang, Typescript, Java, or C#. Experience with Docker, Helm, Kubernetes, and/or a broad array of AWS primitives such as EC2, AMIs, EKS, Dynamo, Code Deploy, Lambdas, etc. Knowledge of common compliance frameworks that impact software development: FedRAMP, PCI, SOC1, SOC2, and more. Be comfortable owning cloud services end to end, implementing new distributed systems, using AWS services and best practices such as zero-downtime production deployments, canaries, frequent deployments, and feature-flag-driven development. Fluent English - written and oral. Atuação Home Office.


Actively support operational teams and other stakeholder teams to maintain business continuation and maintain customer satisfaction An understanding of functional programming techniques as well as writing unit and integration tests should also be considered a normal part of writing code. To pair well with other engineers in pair programming efforts, and to pair well with product owners to clarify requirements.

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StaffRH seleciona para cliente, empresa líder global no segmento de softwares para aplicativos empresariais - SAP.

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